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Temuco Chile

Temuco is located 670 kilometers South from Santiago, Chile´s capital. It has approximately 300.000 inhabitants. Temu-co means “temu water” in the Mapuche language (Mapudungun). The temu is a medicinal plant used by the native Mapuche.

The city was founded February 24, 1881 in a privileged setting, between the Cautín River and the Ñielol Hill. As a consequence of a military action, the Fort Recabarren – later called Temuco – had, on its early days, the features of a military camp and, one year after its birth, the streets were already plotted the way which they look today thus representing the active downtown of this regional capital.

The multi-ethnic conformation that characterizes the city had its origins not only in the high percentage of Mapuche population, but also in the arrival of many German and French settlers.

The construction of the city, located to the West of the Andes mountains and 80 km from the Pacific Ocean, shows the marks of Chilean and European creativity and effort; different cultures worked together to develop this Southern city, whose buildings and houses mix the old with the contemporary architecture.

Today Temuco is an urban center from which diverse touristic circuits start to different parts of Chile´s South. Its modern infrastructure, with important commercial centers and a wide array of services, defines the city as the main business center of La Araucanía for the surrounding territories of the coast, the lakes and the mountains.

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